The Scuola of St. Mark

On the left facing the Basilica of SS. John and Paul stands the Grand College Scuola Grande of St. Mark one of the six Grand Colleges in the city, now the Civil Hospital. Of the original façade (mid- 15th century) destroyed by fire in 1485, there remain two low-reliefs: St. Mark venerated by the confraternity of the College, under the archivolt of the porch, and the Charity above the same arch, both by Bartolomeo Bon.

Pietro Lombardo and his sons Antonio and Tullio, perhaps with the help of Fra Francesco Colonna called «il Polifilo», a Dominican friar, were the builders of the existing sumptuous façade. The architect was Giovanni di Antonio Buora; the upper part of the façade, over the architrave, finished in 1495, is by Mauro Coducci.

The door on the right led both to the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace where doge Marin Falier was buried and to the Dominican friary.
The monumental flank along the mendicant’s canal was built by Jacopo Sansovino between 1523 and 1546.

In the upper hall there were two cycles of famous paintings «The Miracles of St. Mark» by Tintoretto and «The Preaching of St. Mark» by Gentile Bellininew at the Accademia art gallery in Venice and at the Brera in Milan.
Returning to the square one sees the fine 16th century wellhead, richly decorated with putti.



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