The Sacristy

The sacristy door way is an integral part of the funeral monument which Jacopo Negretti, known as Palma il Giovane († 1628), wanted erected for himself, Palma il Vecchio and for Titian. Vincenzo Scamozzi drew up the design for the architectural features, Jacopo Alberelli carved the bust of the two Palma, and perhaps Alessandro Vittoria that of Titian; while Palma il Giovane, who lies under the simple marble slab in the pavement, painted the Allegory of Fame overhead.
In the sacristy paintings are kept which honour the Dominican Order were commissioned at the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th centuries by Fr. Antonio Serafino.


In the ceiling on a ground, Marco Vecellio nephew and follower of Titian painted SS. Dominic and Francis interceding for sinners. The lunettes round the frieze of the ceiling represent Dominican and other saints, and are by Leandro da Bassano or his school. The two at the sides of the altar representing the Annunciation.

Right wall of entrance door and altar wall

On the right of the entrance is a painting of Doge Jacopo Tiepolo donating land to the Dominicans for the church and convent signed and dated 1606 by Andrea Michieli, called the Vicentino. The altar wall, to the right, theResurrection by Palma il Giovane; in the middle by the same artist, Dominican saints and other adoring the Crucifixion, to the left, Dominicans saints kissing the wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Odoardo Fialetti († 1638).

Wall facing the entrance

Continuing the tour, on the wall facing the entrance one sees, successively, The Miracle of the Book by Odoardo FialettiThe birth of St. Rosa da Lima by Francesco Fontebasso († 1769), Honorius III approves the Rule of St. Dominic in 1216, a huge picture by Leandro da Bassano. Also the martyred Roman saints John and Paul is byLeandro da Bassano.


Wall facing the altar

On the wall facing the altar, you can see The Faith by Francesco Fontebasso. Beneath, on the end part of the cupboard or press, Andrea Brustolon († 1732), also responsible for the walnut panels around the walls, carved busts of SS. Albert the GreatThomas Aquinas and Dominic. Turning towards the entrance, St. Dominic paid the sailor with the money taken from a fish by Odoardo Fialetti, and above the door, SS. Dominic and Francis by Angelo Lion († 1621).


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