Chapel of the Crucifixion

In this chapel, was the seat of the Scuola of St. Jerome, or of the condemned, which took care of those condemned to death, whose cemetery was behind the apse of this chapel.

The altar of chalchedony black marble (touchstone) is by Alessandro Vittoria, who is also responsible for the bronze Grieving Virgin and St. John the Baptist, both signed. The Carrara marble Crucifix is by Francesco Cavrioli, formerly in the destroyed church of the Holy Trinity at the Salute. To the right, monument to the English baron Edward Windsor who died in Venice in 1574; a classical work attributed to Vittoria. To the left, 14th century urn, perhaps that of Paolo Loredan, who in 1365, cooperated in the repression of Candia.

Chapel of the Magdalene

A Lombard style altar of the early 16th century, the statue of the Magdalene is by Bartolomeo di Francesco, from Bergamo. The Apostles Andrea Filippo and angels are of the Paduan school. Above near the window, the Four Evangelists, a fresco attributed to Palma il Giovane.

On the right wall, monument to Vittor Pisani († 1380), the famous victor over the Genoese at the battle of Chioggia. Only the statue of Pisani is original, the rest is an exact modern reconstruction (1920) of the monument which was in the destroyed church of St. Antonio di Castello. On the left wall, 14th century urn of Marco Giustiniani della Bragora († 1347). In the middle the Virgin and Child, at the sides SS. Mark and Dominic, in the corners, the Annunciation. On the left side of the urn you can see a sepulchral pyramid dedicated the painter Melchior Lanza. The Meditating woman called Melancholy is a baroque work by the sculptor Melchior Barthel of Dresden. On the wall: Deposition from the Cross by Lattanzio Quarena († 1853).

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