Saint Dominic de Guzmàn - Page 14

With the growth of the friars number, the need rose to fix some rules in order to give the community life an organization; to establish a time to pray, to study and to preach. Taking the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the friars consecrated themselves to the Lord, but they still had to consider how to become true preacher friars.

In order to answer to this needs, Dominic gathered in Bologna, on Whit Sunday 1220, several friars coming from different convents; this meeting aimed at establishing the basic rules of the Order was called "General Chapter".

During this first Chapter, it was established that the friars should live together in community as brothers, and that nobody should keep for himself objects, but properties would be shared; poverty was strongly underlined. They decided form and time of prayer. They considered the education years as a preparation to preaching and stressed the importance of charity, because preaching is useless without loving the others. It was ordained not to give up being missionary, ready to go everywhere to announce Jesus’ Gospel. Finally, everybody went back joyfully to their convents.

Dominic was aware that he could do nothing without God’s help. For this reason, he founded other nunneries in order to be helped by the nuns' prayers. So he established two new nunneries, one in Rome and the second one in Bologna, which were added to the very first one, in Prouille, and to the Madrid nunnery (we call nowadays nuns "enclosed nuns").

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