The Chapel of the B. Giacomo Salomoni

At the head of the arch, in the aisle, the coat of arms with the letters SNDB (Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum) recalls that this was the chapel of the «Scuola of the Name of Jesus», erected in 1563. Gothic in origin, it was given its present baroque form in 1639.

The ceiling is decorated with black and white stuccoes with pictures by G. B. Lorenzetti representing Jesus the Redeemer and three personages from the Old Testament who had this name: the author Ecclesiastes, on the left: Jesus filius Syrac, on the right: the first High Priest after the Babylonian captivity (Jesus filius Josedech) and towards the entrance the great warrior Joshua (Jesus Nave).

On the altar is the Crucifixion and the Magdalene by Pietro Liberi. On the side walls are The Circumcision and The Baptism of Jesus by Pietro de Meracalled the Fleming, of the late 16th-early 17th centuries. Matteo Ingoli of Ravenna painted the upper part of the two canvases, namely the musician angels and the Eternal. The glass urn above the altar contains the mortal remains of B. Giacomo Salomoni (1231-1314) a Dominican son of the adjacent convent, invoked against tumours.

On the pavement in front of the Chapel of B. Giacomo Salomoni in the tomb of the decemvir Alvise or Ludovico Diedo, who in 1453 saved the Venetian fleet at Constantinople. It is a masterpiece of inlaid enamel work judged by Canova «a real jewel of art».

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