The Chapel of St. Dominic

Sumptuous architecture by Andrea Tirali (1690). The ceiling is the work ofFrancesco Bernardoni; its rich moulding and the eight angels of almost human size frame the central Glory of St. Dominic, an outstanding masterpiece by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, completed in 1727, and one of the best works of 18th century Venice. The painting was thoroughly restored in 1968-69.

In the corners of the frame are four roundels in «chiaroscuro» with the cardinal virtues, also by Piazzetta. On the walls are six low-reliefs representing Episodes from the life of St. Dominic. Five, in bronze, are the work of Giuseppe Mazza; the sixth (the first on the right) in wood, is the work of Giobatta Della Meduna, was placed here in 1770. The fresco in the conch of the apse with St. Dominic between the Virgin is by Gerolamo Brusaferro.

Before reaching the right arm of the transept there is a small altar, in a corner, of the 15th century with a porphyry altarpiece. It originally belonged, as did the similar one in the other aisle, to the demolished choir enclosure. In April 1961 it was touched up to serve for an exceptional relic: a foot of St. Catherine of Siena, a patron saint of Italy.

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