Left transept

End wall. To the right, bronze statue of the great sea general and, later, doge Sebastiano Venier († 1578), victor of Lepanto, the work of Antonio Dal Zotto, inaugurated on 30 June 1907 on the occasion of the translation of the mortal remains of the hero Santa Maria degli Angeli at Murano.
Below the great clock (end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century) monument to doge Antonio Venier († 1400) somewhat altered to make way for the clock, and for the opening up of the doorway to the Chapel of the Rosary.
At the top is the Virgin between SS. Peter and Paul; laying on the lid of the sarcophagus is the effigy of the doge; beneath, in the Gothic niches are the seven theological and cardinal virtues with, on the sides as terminal to the pilasters, statues of SS. Dominic and Antonio Abate.
On the left, monument to Agnese Venier († 1410) wife of doge Antonio, to their daughter Orsola († 1471), and to Petronilla de Toco, wife of their son Nicolò, who had it erected. On the face of the urn is the Dead Christ between Isaiah and St. Peter the Martyr. Above the urn, framed by a Gothic arch is a low-relief representing the Virgin and Child, SS. Mark and Antonio Abate.
At the apex of the arch is St. Agnese, and immediately below a low-reliefmedallion with the Eternal. On the sides of the arch are two turrets supported by spiral-cut columns, with statues of the Annunciation and the coats of arms of the Veniers. The sculpture is attributed to Filippo di Domenico, a Venetian follower of the Dalle Masegne. Beyond is the gildedstatue representing Leonardo Prato († 1511), a commander of Venetian foot-soldiers who fell in the defence of Padua against the League of Cambrai. It is by Lorenzo Bregno.

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