Basilica Interior

The church of the SS. John and Paul may be called Pantheon of the Doges. Already by the end of the 13th century four doges: the donor Jacopo Tiepolo, Renier Zen, Lorenzo Tiepolo and Giovanni Dandolo, were buried here in state. And so it continued: in the 15th century alone, out of 14 doges, as many as eight were buried here.
Finally, after the middle of the 15th century, the Signoria decreed that the state funerals of all doges should be held at St. Zanipolo, even if the burial might take place elsewhere. Every monument tells a page of the age-long glorious history of Venice, of its power and its victories.
The plan is that of a Latin cross with nave and single side-aisles and five polygonal apses. Ten enormous columns support the pointed arcades and cross vaulting.
The cupola is of a later date. The great tie-beams (above which today are strong iron ties) do not detract from the vertical rhythm.

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