Cultural centre

Cultural centre

We cannot make theology, if we have not the humility and courage to listen to the reasons of the people we do not agree with, and to consider them seriously.

Saint Thomas wrote:
«As nobody can judge a case without listening to the reasons of both parties, in the same way the person who devotes himself to philosophy will be better able to judge, if he pays attention to all the arguments, of both parties».
We want to leave the certainties which refuse to admit difficult truths, to consider both the arguments, to ask ourselves even the most troubling questions. We want, as Saint Dominic’s sons, to testify that a common search for the truth is possible.
Our Cultural Centre is intended as a “school of hope”.
(Metaphysics III, lec. 3)

Saint Thomas” Cultural Centre activities take place at the prestigious Saint Thomas hall, annexe of the Saints John and Paul Basilica in Venice. Its aim is to promote human and Christian values, especially referring to the tradition and spirit of the (Dominican) Order of the Preachers.

Among the activities offered by “Saint Thomas” Cultural Centre, there are conference series concerning different matters (such as philosophy, theology, sociology, literature, spirituality …), winter and summer classical music concerts held in the apses, biblical readings, books presentations, contemporary artists expositions and documentary events about artistic and historical themes of particular interest.
The Centre is intended as fecund place, as the Holy Virgin Mary, who is often artistically represented with a book on her knees, waiting with great attention and listening carefully.
Nowadays, as in the past, the world is always a work in progress, and this is everybody’s duty, so even our duty.
As sons of Saint Dominic, we want to testify that we can build our world through a common search for the truth.
Our Cultural Centre is exactly aimed at becoming a “school of search and hope”.
The Cultural Centre director is our parish priest P. Angelo Preda.

Contacts and Information:
Centro Culturale “San Tommaso d’Aquino” (“Saint Thomas Aquinas” Cultural Centre) 
Sala San Tommaso
Basilica Ss. Giovanni e Paolo
Tel. +39 041 5235913
Fax. +39 041 2416246

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